BLACKPINK fans outraged over medical union’s allegations of Jennie ‘sexualising nurses’ in ‘Lovesick Girls’ video; request label not to edit scene – Times of India

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BLACKPINK’s latest music video ‘Lovesick Girls’ is in the eye of a storm after the Korean Health and Medical Workers Union raised objection against an 8-second clip of Jennie as a nurse. The Union claimed that the scene was promoted “sexual objectification” and ‘sexualised’ nurses.

Reacting to the same, record label YG Entertainment, issued a statement rubbishing the claims and urged people not to look at the video with “specific intentions” but as “independent art.”

While the union claimed that the portrayal of the nurse dressed in a tight short dress, a hair cap and red high heels were “typical sexual” connotations, the record label dismissed it saying the visuals matched the lyrics.

Jennie features in the video as a nurse treating herself as a patient while she raps the lyrics, ‘No doctor could help when I’m lovesick’.

Assuring all that the video had “no further meanings behind it,” the label also stated that they are considering editing out the scene in question.

BLINKS weren’t too happy about these developments, and took to social media to slam the ‘mindset’ of the people and defend the video saying, “the scene didn’t have anything sexual”

A fan, who also happened to be a healthcare worker said, “As a nurse, I didn’t see any problem with Jennie’s outfit, I think their mindset is the problem here. She doesn’t deserve the hate.”

Another tagged YG Entertainment in a post that read, “Dear YGE and to the new CEO, please don’t edit it out. There is no wrong with what Jennie is wearing. This is from the perspective of a nurse, myself. Please stand on what you believe and don’t bend down to people who love to mock and criticize you.”

Yet another pointed out about the lyrics of the song being about heartbreak and guessed, “Just because Jennie is a slim woman in a nurse outfit doesn’t mean she’s sexualizing it.”

Meanwhile, another fan added humour to her tweet while defending Jennie by saying, “Jennie wasn’t a sexy nurse she was sexy and a nurse.”

The girl-band dropped the music video of ‘Lovesick Girls’ on October 2, along with the release of ‘The Album’

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