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In an unexpected gesture, actor Chandan Roy Sanyal recently paid a visit to late actor Irrfan Khan’s tomb in the city. The actor was missing his ‘D-Day’ co-star and decided to visit Irrfan Khan, where he was laid to rest. Speaking about the same Chandan told ETimes, “In the past few months Covid kept rising and I was missing him, thinking why don’t I visit his tomb, what is stopping me! So I went to a flower shop and on a friend’s advice, bought Rajinigandha for him. When I visited his tomb, Irrfan Khan was just lying there beautifully. I stood there for a while, it felt very nice. It had some magical power.” Reacting to the condition of Irrfan Khan’s tomb which got several netizens worried, Chandan added, “Irrfan Khan’s tomb is not fancy but has a vibration of its own, just like the actor. It is sort of nicely molding with nature.”

Chandan Roy Sanyal’s post soon went viral and the ‘Kaminey’ actor is happy to have brought some calm on social media. He shared, “People were touched by the gesture but I did not do it for social media. My post made fans emotional. At a time when everyone is fighting on social media, here’s Irrfan Khan, bringing calm. Irrfan Khan’s journey has been inspirational, he kept rising in his career and why? Because the audience loved him. The audience is not going to watch his film because he happens to be an outsider. So I don’t understand this debate.”

Speaking about his memories of the late actor, Chandan added, “Just like a common man, I am also a big fan of late Mr Irrfan Khan. I admired his films and happened to know him as we had worked together. We didn’t have many scenes but had forged a good relationship. It was through Rishi Kapoor that I met Irrfan Khan, while we were shooting for ‘D Day’. Every day in the evening after shoot, I would sit with them and we would chat. I remember Rishi Kapoor had said at that time, “You’ll are very exciting actors, I enjoy working with actors like you’ll”. We lost Irrfan Khan on April 29 and the next day Rishiji passed away, I was devastated.”

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