Exclusive! Hema Malini on Ahana’s twins: When Dharamji and I fell in love and married, we never expected that our family will expand so much – Times of India

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Hema Malini’s two daughters Esha and Ahana Deol are happy in their respective lives. Esha has 2 daughters Radhya (3) and Miraya (1), while Ahana who has a 5-year-old son Darien, recently delivered twin baby girls (November 26). ETimes has it that Hema and Dharmendra‘s houses are full of excitement and happiness. Touch wood.

“It was a very smooth delivery at Hinduja Healthcare Surgical Hospital in Khar (Mumbai). All my five grandchildren have been born in the able hands of Dr Kiran Coelho in that hospital; we have immense faith in her and the hospital,” Hema told ETimes this evening, “But yes, we had to take extra precautions during Ahana’s entire pregnancy because of the COVID wave.”

Ahana has come back home now, we learned further into the conversation. But Dharmendra is yet to see the babies. It’s COVID times and the senior star has taken immense care and did not venture out into the hospital. “But of course, he has seen the pictures of Astraia and Adea,” says Hema Malini.

And how were the names decided? “Well, Aahana and Vaibhav (husband) had pre-decided a few names; some names of boys and some names of girls. We often do that, don’t we? And I don’t interfere in their choice, neither when it comes to Esha and Bharat. My happiness lies in my family’s happiness.” Esha and Hema were both outside the labour room, plus of course Vaibhav. “Dharamji may go to see the babies in a day or two at Ahana’s Worli house,” Hema Malini further revealed.

“It’s such a joyous moment. Dharamji is very excited. When we fell in love and married, Dharamji and I never expected that our family would expand so much.” The Dream Girl has also done a lot of shopping as far as baby clothes and toys are concerned, she adds, “Darien resembles both Ahana and Vaibhav, Adrea and Astraia have shades of resemblance to Darien.”

Not only Dharmendra, Ahana’s in-laws (Vipin and Pushpa Vohra) too have seen the newborns in pictures only. “Vaibhav’s parents had tested positive for COVID, they are fine now. But they are naturally not taking any chances of any travel for some time. Plus they stay in Delhi where the COVID numbers are very high.”

We at ETimes extend our congratulations to the Deols and Vohras. Stay blessed.

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