Exclusive! Watch first video of Rahul Roy smiling and waving as he recovers from recent brain stroke – Times of India

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Rahul Roy, who suffered a brain stroke last week which sent him to be admitted in Mumbai’s Nanavati Hospital, is recovering. This morning, he walked from his room to the hospital’s central garden outside. Rahul did his physio exercises in the garden itself.

ETimes further has it that Rahul has also been on the phone. This morning, he spoke to his family friend-producer Ashwani Kumar in Delhi for one full minute.

When contacted a few minutes ago, Ashwani Kumar confirmed the above developments, adding, “Rahul has started eating also: he’s on a light diet to begin with. There is a small clot that is still there, it will be dissolved with thinners. Of course the entire process will take time but so far so good.

Besides, there are too many reports floating since yesterday that stenting (a surgical procedure) will be required but that is incorrect. Stenting is not required as of now. I am also in touch with a top neuro surgeon in Kolkata and even he has said Rahul is showing ominous signs of recovery.” Speaking to ETimes a few days ago, Rahul’s brother-in-law Romeer Sen had also dismissed off stenting.

Today, Romeer said, “I am happy with Rahul’s progress. He should be back amidst his fans soon.”

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