Exclusive: What if Rhea Chakraborty is not guilty? Think before passing judgements, says Chitrangda Singh – Times of India

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Chitrangda Singh is recuperating from a knee surgery. The actress who is in Delhi for the past six months opened up about her health and the unsettling media frenzy surrounding the Rhea Chakraborty – Sushant Singh Rajput case in an exclusive chat with Bombay Times.

Like most of us, Chitrangada is quite disturbed by the hysteria surrounding the Rhea – SSR case. She confessed, “It definitely bothers me because it’s too extreme at times. You want to sit and judge people and their moral character so easily. I feel one should refrain from doing so because it’s affecting people and their families a lot. Yes, I do believe in justice but the fight for justice should be for everyone. A person is innocent until proven guilty. There’s a popular saying, “It’s better that 10 guilty men go free than one innocent man be wrongly convicted.” Media trials can do a lot of damage to a person’s life. Suppose, hypothetically speaking, what if this person is found innocent at the end of it? So much damage has already been done to them and their peace of mind socially and it’s not fair. One should sit back and think about it as much as we are looking for justice. A little moral decency needs to be observed. Let law take its course. It might take its time but in the meanwhile, we should be compassionate a bit. What if Rhea is not guilty? Think about ‘what if’ before passing judgments.”

Speaking of her knee surgery, she revealed, “I underwent surgery on my left leg for anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). About a year and a half ago, I was rehearsing something and my knee buckled. I carried on without paying attention and it buckled again. Last year I went to Thailand for New Year’s. I was jogging on the beach and I stepped on a bottle on the sand. It was a misstep and that’s when the cartilage tore. I delayed the surgery for no reason until it had to be done. Most sportsmen undergo this. There’s no pain during the surgery but the leg can’t take any weight for the next two weeks. So you can’t move around.”

Elaborating on her stay in Delhi for the past six months, she said, “I was shooting for a film in Kolkata before. We had to stop shooting as per the lockdown rules so I moved to Delhi and I am here since the lockdown.”

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