Kangana Ranaut: ‘People’s perception that top film industry in India is Hindi film Industry is wrong’ – Times of India

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The ‘Manikarnika’ actress Kangana Ranaut, in her latest Twitter thread, has said that the perception that Hindi film industry is the top industry is wrong, claiming that Telugu film industry has ascended to the top spot. She also applauded Yogi Adityanath‘s decision of starting the biggest film city in Noida. “I applaud this announcement by @myogiadityanath ji. We need many reforms in the film industry first of all we need one big film industry called Indian film industry we are divided based on many factors, Hollywood films get advantage of this. One industry but many Film Cities 👍,” said Ranaut in one of her tweets.

She further expressed that we need many ‘reforms’ in the industry and added that there needs to be one collective industry called ‘Indian film industry’. She said there are many film industries in India and that they all should be brought under one roof. She also urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to bring these many industries together who have individual identities but does not have a collective identity. Her tweet reads, “Films have an ability to bring the entire nation together but @PMOIndia let’s first please bring these many industries together who have individual identities but not a collective identity please join them together like Akhand Bharat and we will make it number one in the world Folded hands.”

In one of her tweets, she also raised concern over regional films not getting PAN India release and compared it with the Hollywood dubbed films which easily get the mainstream stream. She wrote, “Best of dubbed regional films don’t get pan India release but dubbed Hollywood films get the mainstream release it’s alarming. The reason is the atrocious quality of most Hindi films and their monopoly over theatre screens also media created aspirational imagine for Hollywood films.”

The need for one collective Indian film industry is must in order to save the film industry from various ‘Terrorists’. She also further named the categories of terrorism that the Indian film industry is suffering from. Kangana wrote, “1) Nepotism terrorism

2) Drug Mafia terrorism

3) Sexism terrorism

4) religious and regional terrorism

5) Foreign films terrorism

6) Piracy terrorism

7) Labourer’s exploitation terrorism

8) Talent exploitation terrorism.”

Meanwhile, Kangana Ranaut is grabbing the headlines ever since she has compared Mumbai to ‘POK’ through her views on Twitter and what followed next is a history known to all.

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