Kanye West comes forward to help Taylor Swift to get back her masters from Scooter Braun – Times of India

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Kanye West has come forward to help Taylor Swift to get back her song masters from Scooter Braun. The ‘Stronger’ singer took to his Twitter account to share that he would personally look into the matter to make sure that it happens. His tweet read, “I’M GOING TO PERSONALLY SEE TO IT THAT TAYLOR SWIFT GETS HER MASTERS BACK. SCOOTER IS A CLOSE FAMILY FRIEND.”

Check out his tweet here:

For the unversed, Taylor has been in a public war with Braun ever since he acquired her music catalog. And with this announcement, it seems Kanye will be patching up a decade long feud.

On the other hand, Kanye and Taylor have also feuded in the past.

Meanwhile, recently revealed in a Twitter post that he will not release any new music until he is free from his contracts with record labels.

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