Shekhar Suman on his fight for Sushant Singh Rajput: I’m angry that nothing is happening – Times of India

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Shekhar Suman has been very vocal about his fight for justice for late actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Recently voicing his frustration that nothing is happening about the case, Shekhar Suman tweeted, “If the agencies keep quiet and not react what do we do? We can raise our voices louder and louder, everyday, every minute, but then we have to have concerned people reacting to it and taking some concrete action. Otherwise it is so frustrating.”

In another post, Shekhar Suman expressed that he goes on and off the radar because he is angry as there are no developments in the case. “There is absolutely no update in the newspapers, TV channels have all vanished. There is no discussion anywhere by anyone. 6 months down the line we are fighting a desolate battle. I go off the radar now and then because I’m angry that nothing is happening.”

Previously, he had lauded the efforts of the investigating agencies and shared, “I think in Sushant’s case all the three depts of CBI, NCB and ED have done a fair job of interrogation, investigation and arrest but I guess because of the lack of any evidence they are helpless. So we have to just wait and see if they get lucky.”

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