Sushant Singh Rajput’s brother-in-law Vishal Kirti opens up about the ’emotional turmoil’ that their family is going through in a long post – Times of India

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While Sushant Singh Rajput‘s sister Shweta Singh Kirti took to social media to explain why she had to deactivate her account temporarily, her husband Vishal Kirti penned a long emotional note on Twitter.

Vishal shared his views on why their family is being targeted as he wrote a long note which he shared with the captioned “If a crime‘s committed against someone & they file a case & we start maligning the plaintiff, we are trying to deny them justice. Always be watchful of such plans. Such plans work by spreading seeds of doubt so that the focus moves away from the quest4 truth & towards victim-blaming.”

Meanwhile, his message read as “Four months have passed since that horrifying day. My only message today is that when the victim or victim’s family is targeted, it is done to deny them the empathy they need and perhaps make the rest of the world feel that they don’t deserve justice.”

Furthermore, he added, “When a crime is committed, it’s extremely important to understand the emotional turmoil the victim’s family goes through. Slow down and think through. Not only does the family need to deal with the day to day aspects of life and the grief of the loss but also cooperate with the investigative agencies and the court system.”

Vishal even shared the turmoil the family has been going through due to the ongoing case. He wrote, “The case could go on for a while, people will move on but the family won’t. If you think this is a desirable situation to be in for the family, think again. Revictimizing the victim only hurts the judicial machinery of a country and makes the quest for justice difficult for everyone.”

Meanwhile, Shweta shared a screenshot of the numerous attempts that were made to hack her social media accounts recently. She even thanked her ‘extended family for standing by and supporting through thick and thin’.

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