Watching the farmers’ protest Monica Gill’s grandmother fears another 1984 might happen – Times of India

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Farmers’ protest has been affecting people beyond boundaries. Punjabi actress Monica Gill’s recent post is proof of the same.

The actress in her recent post wrote how her grandmother feels scared that this protest might repeat the horrific incidents of 1984, the Sikh massacre of 1984.

The actress shared a picture of her grandmother and her two sisters, with the note that read – “These three are sisters. Jeeto, Seebo, and Buxo. They were born in Pakistan, Punjab. They witnessed partition, and moved to India, Punjab. They and their families settled into life and then ‘84 happened. The one on your far left (Jeeto) is my grandmother. She calls me almost every evening and recently she’s been questioning me as to why Punjab has had to suffer as much as it did and questions when will it stop. I’ve seen old traumas resurfacing in her. But I’ve seen her inner resilience come through as well, especially when she talks about sticking through with the protest and making something happen. And that’s what makes us, as a community, stand tall (and sometimes become easy targets.) I see her face in all the pictures and videos I’ve been seeing from the Delhi border. And I’ve seen the same resilience. This quiet patient strength that only her generation can put forth. It’s beautiful and it’s honorable. It grips my heart. My whole heart.”

Monica Gill has been very vocal about her thoughts on the protests. She even urged the US authorities to understand the seriousness of the issue and speak for the Sikhs. Check out her post here:

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